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Who we work with

We give back by working with young and talented professionals aspiring to grow in their careers, as well as suppliers and vendors that are committed to help improve disadvantaged communities in Colombia.


Palo Rosa Beachwear

Palo Rosa Beachwear was founded on march, 2013 by a young Colombian designer Carolina Ordonez who, through her brand, wishes to encompass all that is eccentric and modern, in a non – conventional manner, catering to the keen eye of the avant – grade woman who dresses only in the most exquisite pieces.

The swimwear brand seeks to highlight the femininity of today’s woman through the mastering of hi–tech fabrics and intricate hand workmanship, resulting in a unique product which sets them apart.

Their team is constantly innovating each collection with materials, textures, and laser cuts, separating them from anything available in the beachwear market; the magic, attitude, and colour, are the reasons why they can say Palo rosa Beachwear is the brand that’s there to catch your dreams.

Entreaguas beachwear

Entreaguas Weareble Art

It was founded by fashion designer Natalia Botero, who at the age of ten began to learn and know about the fascinating world of fashion. Since then she has been in constant quest for innovation and distinction, taking her ideas and creativity to the universe Swimwear - Beachwear.

Entreaguas suggests a quiet and natural lifestyle for contemporary, multicultural and young in spirit woman, who lives in constant connection with nature and seeking the balance between body, mind and spirit. It is well-known by creating a perfect mixture of a sexy and sensual style in its bathing suits.

Entreaguas brand concept is based both on sober, refined and organic wealth given by macramé and on a balance and color richness. Each piece is designed by Natalia and worked individually by artisan hands that weave, dye, tie up and assembled which takes a long period, creating a unique garment.

These valuable artisan hands belong to people that have inspired Natalia and David her boyfriend, to create Entreaguas Foundation   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwW2nTr-QJo). It aims to support them in their main needs, as some of them have physical limitations, some others are mothers who are head of the family, young people who are reintegrating into society and some with Down syndrome; devoting part of their sales for this purpose.

Entreaguas has a high social commitment  since through her Foundation helps artisans with elements that contribute to improve their quality of life; also it designs with the scraps of fabrics of the cover-ups, beachwear, beach wraps and products such as duvets and pillowcases. It is now working on the development of rugs and decorative elements with the scraps of Lycra strips for sale on the market concurrently with the brand’s garments, of which work product free of charge is destined for the Foundation created for them. 

It also has a high environmental commitment in production processes it uses non-polluting and biodegradable raw materials such as labels, packaging, hooks for clothes and other inputs; at the same time it makes the most of water and resources in general, respecting first and foremost the environment.


Sueno Real

Sueño Real swimwear

Sueño Real colourful bathers are inspires by Colombia's Magical Realism. Each of these pieces have beautiful details hand woven by indigenous women of the Turzagas, Chamies and Pirza tribes who live in Riosucio, a little town in Colombia.

Riosucio is well known for their carnivals and mostly for their big indigenous community and their hard work to preserve their culture, traditions and legacy.

Sueno Real magical swimsuits are more than a beautiful design, they are unique handicrafts.