Waya Store

Colombian Swimwear

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford

Who we are

We are a young and passionate team that brings together two beautiful countries (Colombia and Australia) to take you through a new kind of shopping experience.

Why Waya? Waya is a native word from a Colombian ethnic group which means "us". We believe that together we can achieve so much more.

Our Products

We understand that online shopping can get a bit overwhelming (especially if you’re as picky as we are!), so we promise to bring you exceptional quality, creative and authentic products made in Colombia.

But it’s not only about how beautiful they can look on us, it’s the story behind them that makes us connect in more purposeful ways.

How we work

At Waya, things are a little different. We make sure our team Have Fun, Give Back and Take New Challenges in everything we do. These values help us build more meaningful connections with our colleagues, vendors, suppliers and especially with you.


Who we work with

We give back by working with young and talented professionals aspiring to grow in their careers, as well as suppliers and vendors that are committed to help improve disadvantaged communities in Colombia.